The Place, Kali

Kali is located on the Island of Ugljan and is the largest place on the islands surrounding the town of Zadar. Kali has around 1650 inhabitants. The old town center of Kali, with narrow streets and stone houses in Dalmatian style is located on a hill from which a beautiful view of the surroundings is offered. Kali is predominantly a fishing village, and for a change is not overcrowded by tourists during the summer, which is rarely the case along the Adriatic.

In Kali you will feel the long-lost authenticity of a true Dalmatian village, with a lovely openness and hospitality of the local population.

Most of the visitors fall in love with Kali at first sight, and after once visited, come back their whole lifetime.

On the island of Ugljan there are the following places: Preko, Poljana, Sutomiščica, Lukoran, Ugljan, Kali and Kukljica.

The climate has all the basic characteristics of the Mediterranean climate, with extremely dry summers and mild winters. Average annual temperature is above 15 °C, average temperature of the hottest month  July is 24 °C and of the coldest, January 12 °C. The number of days with temperatures lower than 0 °C is negligible, since there are only about 16 of them. The worst average temperatures of the coldest January were not bellow -3 °C. There are no continuous high or constant low temperatures, as there are no long periods of drought or rain. Insulation amounts is up to 2500 hours a year, and in July the sun shines 10 to 12 hours a day.

The Island of Ugljan has the best ferry connection on the Adriatic, there are 18 ferry lines (Zadar Gaženica – Preko) and 11 ship lines (Zadar Peninsula – Preko). The island of Ugljan is connected by bridge to the island of Pašman. Tkon, which is on the Island Pašman, has a ferry port that is connected to Biograd.
The island of Ugljan is 22 km long, has a rich flora and an excellent infrastructure with school, emergency medical services in Kali, pharmacy, shops, cafes, restaurants, petrol station, marinas, etc. A great number of cultural, sports and entertaining events are held during the summer. Kali is famous for its fish nights with a great defile of ships and a fish festival.
On Ugljan there are many beautiful pebble and several sandy beaches.
The Island offers you benefits that only an island could give, but it is still excellently connected to the main Land and the town of Zadar.


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